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Grange View Road

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Grange View Road – Totteridge & Whetstone N20

This house was developed and built by our practice in partnership with the TFG Design Ltd. Originally it was brought as a 30m2 studio unit not much bigger than a garage. We obtained planning permission to extend the unit up and out to pretty much fill the plot except for a small courtyard space. The end result is a spacious and light two bedroom boutique cottage of about 80sq meters. Each room has been given unique identity through careful design and craftsmanship

Through the use of a glass extension and sliding folding doors the external courtyard becomes a continuation of the lounge so that the inner and outer space merge seamless connection. The curved glass roof and louge wall provide for the delightful effect of the dappled shadows of the overhanging ornamental cherry tree creating a constantly changing play of light and shadow on the lounge wall.

The bedroom has been designed with the concept of a finely tailored garment in mind. The wardrobes are formed in oak panels and trimmed at the edges with gold fabric. The ceiling lights are also clad in a gold fabric gauze to provide soft atmospheric light for the night. The dormer window box has a set of multicoloured glass bricks to once again refer to the theme of the play of colour and light.

Hart Baskerville Architects

The bathroom has been fitted out in various sumptuous earth tone tiles combines with some subtle LED lighting provide a feeling of luxury. The roof light has been positioned so that one can lay in the deep bath and look at the sky and the passing clouds.

Because this was our own project we felt confident to allow the builders also to show off their own crafts. Daniel our polish roofer fabricated a cockerel and sun weather vein out of lead while he was doing the flashings for the roof. We hope the children from the nursery opposite will appreciate it.


Hart Baskerville Architects