Lawrence Avenue

Lawrence Avenue

This deeply personal home renovation was a creative response by the family to meet the changing needs of three generations. Top of their priorities was to create a new and self-contained space for the owner’s mother who, in her early eighties, was adapting to life with dementia. The family were keen for her move-in to be an entirely positive experience and to ensure this, her space needed to feel instinctively like home.

Knowing her mother’s appreciation for beautiful things, the homeowner was determined that practical requirements did not lead to any compromise in aesthetics. The suit is a sleek modern design in line with the rest of the house, with a clarity and spaciousness that accentuate areas of vibrant colour and beautiful fabrics and prints.

The design of the suit also focused on reflecting the mother’s own spirituality and Indian heritage. The homeowner wanted to allow her mother to connect to the space through the comfort and peace her faith brought her. This idea is captured in the vibrant mural, print of Krishna and sacred quotes which act as focal points in the mother’s bedroom.

Setting colourful, personalised features within a clear and uncluttered backdrop is reflected in other spaces throughout the house. Fun and colourful graffiti murals in the teenager’s bedrooms achieve a similar effect and use the same tones of orange and pink.

The redesign also focused on creating an interesting, comfortable and versatile communal space. Extending the open-plan kitchen/family room into the garden, floor-to-ceiling windows maximise the effect of natural light and stone tiling successfully integrates indoor and outdoor spaces.

Working closely with the family made this a particularly satisfying and successful project. The result is a space that is both modern and deeply personal and a home to each of its residents.

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